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Esex S.r.l. it is a hot steel forging company that produces forged pieces of various types and weights.

The production of hot extrusion, both direct and reverse, is the flagship of Esex.


With last generation machines, concerning the production of the tools, Esex srl is able to produce every kind of forged part, with the assurance that all dies remain perfectly the same all the time.
Thanks to the high productivity of its plants, the prices are particularly competitive, but do not compromise the high quality standards which are punctually respected.


Esex srl was established in 1995 by Bertoldo family , who continue today with the third generation in forging tradition.

We can internally produce pieces from 150 gr up to 12 kg , while leaning on external suppliers, we can supply finished machining parts and raw parts up to 250 kg.



The company have Presses from 1000 up to 2500 Ton. in line with electric induction heater.

Temperature control

All the machines have PLC and Pirometer for a constant temperature control.

Other Checks

We internaly made control on incoming material ( Quantometer ) and non-destructive examinations ( Magnaflux and Induced currents ).


The experience gained in forty years  in hot steel forging, by the Bertoldo family, gives the company a huge technological background.

All the equipment necessary for production are designed and built internally made in 3D with a CAD-CAM system.

Solid Edge program is used for extrusions, molds, preforms, trimming tools and using Peps-Auton for CNC machining centers and CNC lathes.


We have always considered of fundamental importance working with a Quality System to guarantee our Customers:


Constant control
of production processes


and Reliability


to requests


From April 2019 the company is Certified IATF 16949 ISO TS 16949 from July 2004 - QS 9000 from September 2002 - UNI EN ISO 9001 from August 2000.

Where we are

The company is located in Pianezza near the city of Torino , in an industrial area a few minutes from the north ring road .
 We are in 7, Novara street, Pianezza (Turin)

© Esex S.r.l.
Via Novara 7 Pianezza - Torino
P.Iva 06967090017
Opening hours: From Monday to Friday 08:30 AM -12:30 AM / 13:30 PM -17:30 PM

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